Paintbrush Holders

"What I like most about the GoEasel is its ability to hold paintbrushes. It comes with holes that hold the smaller brushes vertically and the half circular slots are made so that you can lay your paintbrushes horizontally."

 -Ricardo Bojourquez, Artist


 Time Saver                                    

"As a teacher, this helps me save time setting up because everything I need is contained in this bowl."

-Laura North, Teacher


Quick Setup for a Big Crowd

"I have several people in my school who love to do art. For me, easy setup is key to having a school paint day. The GoEasel is designed so that it is always ready to use with no assembly needed. We tried using this with 28 people last month and I noticed it’s also a great space saver."

-Mrs. Chappa, Teacher


Up Close and Personal

"My Stagecraft Design students at Kingsburg High School got an up close and personal look into the design of GoEasel. It was an exciting experience for them. They chatted amongst themselves about how the personalized easel system made them feel like an artist and I saw many students sitting up confidently and with purpose. They were able to think through a painting about themselves, something very important to today's youth—the more we can give them purpose and a chance for artistic expression, the better. I am thrilled to be able to partner with Rick Alonzo in the future on using more GoEasels in my high school classroom."

-Lissa Engstrom, Teacher


Freedom and Inspiration

"I love the GoEasel because I can put it in my bag and take it with me wherever I go. I love the freedom this gives me to stop whenever and wherever inspiration strikes."

-Michelle Lee, Artist


Kids Love It

"I have a daughter who loves to paint. She's going to love this."

-Esai Morales, Actor