Hi. My name is Rick Alonzo, the designer of the GoEasel. One of my goals as a professional artist and teacher is to inspire people to be creative and help them unleash the artist within. I believe every person was made to create and they contain a certain level of creativity within them.  Making art can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating.  I have witnessed beginners getting ready to paint for the first time, and observed a variety of emotions displayed in their mannerisms—including annoyance and frustration due to the preparation and assembly required to paint.  For most, painting can be exasperating rather than relaxing. Other problems I've noticed during the painting process are spilled water, a cluttered station, and needing more space to paint. 

So, I set out to do something about this experience that these artists were frustrated with. 

I have spent years testing, developing, and perfecting techniques to create a tool that will eliminate the frustration, and the clutter experience of painting. The GoEasel is the result of my latest efforts.

One of the many frustrations of the painting process is the time it takes to set-up. Easels, brush holders, and water containers are necessary but are often bulky and time-intensive tools. Artists can often spend more time setting up and cleaning up than painting. GoEasel saves time and space because it is an easel, a water bowl, and a brush holder all-in-one.

  • GoEasel is light, weighing only 14 ounces, and because it is only 10” in diameter, it is easy to pack and carry.
  • GoEasel does not require assembly. It is an all-in-one piece, ready to use.
  • GoEasel fits all standard tabletop canvasses. It holds thicknesses up to ¾”. It will support canvasses as small as 6x6" and as large as 16x20”.
  • GoEasel has two angles to best position the canvas for your comfort.
  • GoEasel has places to rest your brush either vertically or horizontally.
  • GoEasel has a water bowl in the center to wash your brushes and help further stabilize the canvas, preventing it from slipping or tipping.

 GoEasel was designed to make painting easier by reducing time-consuming set up and clean up. Once you try GoEasel, you will see that it is the one artists’ tool you can’t do without.

 The GoEasel was also created for people who are beginners and those who are inspired to paint. It is a perfect easel for:

  • Anyone who loves art and loves to paint.
  • Professional artists or hobbyists. 
  • Parents. 
  • Children.
  • Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and even Ladies' Night Out. For anyone  who would like to celebrate their special occasions by throwing a paint party.
  • Painting Groups such as Sip-and-Paint, Paint Night, or anyone who leads a group painting program.
  • Teachers who incorporate painting/art in the classroom. 
  • Business Opportunity. Anyone who would like to start a painting business online or in person.