GoEasel on the Go: Every Artist's Perfect Travel Companion

Summer means travel, and for the artist, this means new environments that will inspire your creativity to capture those experiences on canvas. Here are 3 ways in which the GoEasel makes the perfect travel companion:

 1. Easy to pack

No matter your travel destination, the GoEasel is portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. Simply place your GoEasel in your travel bag or backpack along with your favorite paint, brushes, and canvas, then set your GoEasel on any flat surface and you are ready to paint wherever and whenever inspiration may strike.


2. Easy set-up

Setting up the GoEasel is so easy! Simply place your easel on any flat surface, fill the reservoir with the desired amount of water, place your canvas in one of the two canvas bases for your desired angle, then place your paintbrushes in the holes or C-slots. If you have our artist palette, insert the peg into any of the holes on your GoEasel, add your favorite paint, and voila! You are ready to create!


3. Easy clean-up

Cleaning up the GoEasel couldn't be easier! Once you've removed your canvas, simply wash your brushes in the water reservoir. Cleaning your brushes is also a great way to clean your GoEasel as you agitate the brushes along the bottom of the water reservoir. Once those 2 steps are completed, dump your water, dry it out with a cloth or paper towel, then place your GoEasel back inside of your travel bag or backpack. Boom! You are ready to move on to your next location. 


The GoEasel was designed to simplify the set-up/clean-up process so that you can concentrate on creating your art. With that in mind, why would you ever leave home without it?