GoEasel: All-in-one Painting Station

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One of the frustrations of the painting process is the time it takes to set-up. Easels, brush holders, and water containers are necessary but are often bulky and time-intensive tools. Artists can often spend more time setting up and cleaning up than actually painting. GoEasel saves more time and space because it is an easel, a water bowl, and a brush holder all in one.

*Includes the GoEasel painting station; 1 GoEasel Palette; 1 GoEasel Canvas Clip

Key Details

  • GoEasel is lightweight, and because it measures only 10” in diameter, it is easy to pack and carry.
  • GoEasel does not require any assembly. It is all in one piece and ready to use.
  • GoEasel supports most canvas sizes. It holds thicknesses up to ¾” & supports most standard sizes for tabletop easels.
  • GoEasel has two angles to best position the canvas for your comfort.
  • GoEasel has places to rest your brushes either vertically or horizontally.
  • GoEasel has a water bowl in the center that has dual purposes: 1. A place to wash your brushes 2. To stabilize your easel; preventing slipping or tipping.
  • GoEasel is dishwasher safe and is made with superior material and is made in USA.
GoEasel is designed to make painting easier by reducing time-consuming set up and clean up. Once you try GoEasel, you will see that it is the one artists’ tool you can’t do without.